A Photographers Top Tips for Being a Great Wedding Guest

Wedding season is here and I can’t wait to get out and celebrate with some great people this year! There is something so special about wedding day atmosphere. I never get sick of the excitement and hustle & bustle… everyone looking so beautiful. Boy, do I get excited getting my wedding invitations in the mail and I’m not even a real guest. Wedding invitations are the best kind of mail to get.

Being a wedding guest is the best! I mean who doesn’t love a fun party? Wedding guests get to enjoy all the celebration without any of the added extra’s that go along with being the host or a part of the wedding party. I have a couple of tips on how to best enjoy your time while being the best wedding guest in the room from this photographers perspective.

1 – Put your phone or camera down during the ceremony.

Wedding Guest Tips

I LOVE a good phone photo, believe me… but trust me when I tell you this 30 minutes of time is the time to settle in and be in the moment. Make eye contact with the bride and groom and trust me to get those great walking down the aisle images.

Imagine, yourself the bride, walking down the aisle on the best day of your life and rather than seeing all of the happy faces of your beloved friends and family… you see them all, arms up, phones at the ready, eyes staring at their devise ready to upload and drop a pin.

Viewing this amazing moment through the screen of your phone removes you from the moment. Without even noticing it you are pushing your arm further into the aisle to get a better view than the arm/phone next to you. Believe me when I tell you I’ve noticed the groom having to crane his neck past excited guests who pop out into the aisle with their phone or camera to grab a look at his bride walking toward him. Do not rob a groom of this moment. Keep the aisle clear and leave the photo’s to me.

Bride Walks down the isle Catholic Wedding

(If you brought your camera and really, really must grab a shot or two stay in your seat and be sure to turn your flash off.)

So save those fun phone & camera photos for the reception… just know that I might take a photo of that too!

Family Selfie at a wedding

2. Be On Time.

Guests take their seats for a wedding ceremony

Really… be on time. I’ve been there with the bride and nothing will get under a brides skin faster than waiting for guests to sit down. Plus you avoid that awkward moment when the ceremony has started and you have to do that weird tip-toe move to the last row.

3. Don’t be camera shy!

Guests smiles at a wedding reception.

Guests laugh at a wedding

The bride and groom want me to take photos of you! This day will go by in such a blur for them. They want me to grab those candid expressions and bits that they will miss. So smile at the camera and don’t run away when I point it in your direction.

4. Dance and be Merry

Dance floor at a wedding reception

Get out on the dance floor and have the best time with the bride and groom. It is hard to be the center of attention all day long so by the time the first dances are done I know that most couples love a chance to blend into the crowd for a moment. So don’t forget those dancing shoes!

I can’t wait to get started with this amazing 2018 wedding season!




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