Back in the swing of things.

September is over and I have no idea where it went. My three oldest kids are back to school and I can’t believe that either. August, only half days but gosh, my life feels so different with just Sam and I home together. It reminds me of the early days of parenthood when it was just Greta and I. The long morning walks, late breakfasts together with hot coffee, stress free trips to the grocery store and dare I say a cleaner house… at least for a few hours.

Last week I took the kids to get passports and it felt like I showed up with a pack of wild monkeys. They were everywhere. Pushing all the buttons, touching all the things! Thankfully, I know both of the postal works by name and they know me and my crew too. They were forgiving of our crazy chaos. Of course one of my middles had to really, really go to the bathroom and our small town post office doesn’t have a public restroom. I had to stop mid process and run across the street to the Co-op. Then, after sufficiently buying and then bribing them with huge homemade cookies (because sugar was such a great idea at that point…) back again to the post office. I only threatened Gus once that if he didn’t stop popping the bubble wrapping on display I wouldn’t take him on vacation. It was a cluster but, I’ve seen worse too so I’m calling it a win.

I’ve also been taking evening phone calls with clients lately getting plans set for fall. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had to ask a client to hold on for a second while I put out a fire between kids… or redirect them to ask Dad if they can have their 174,283 snack for the day. I’m so humbled by the kindness of the amazing people who choose me to be their photographer in those moments.

I’m looking forward to fall and the weddings, engagements & family sessions it brings. I’m looking forward to more time with my family too. Because even though I enjoy the slower pace of my mornings now with just Sam, I miss the wild and crazy having all four around! Last year, I worked almost every day in October. This year I’m not. This year I’m carving out time to enjoy the ever increasing dark evenings with my kids. I’m carving time for myself. I might even go on a date with Scot if the stars aline and Mary Poppins floats down onto my doorstep. Heck I’d even let the air-headed Mrs. Banks give it a shot for a few hours too!
Madison Family PhotographerLast year I didn’t prioritize well and I’m doing my best to learn from my mistakes and soak in this fall season. I hope your September and routines are proving to help settle you and your families as we round the corner into fall. How are you carving your time up this season?

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