A Ballet Birthday for Mary Violet

Today my sweet #2 graduates from pre-school and I’m feeling all the feels. I will officially have 2 children in school and that seems down right impossible. She celebrated her 5th birthday last month. Turning 5 is a big, fat, deal in our household. I’m not entirely sure why 5 feels so big… but it does. Plus, I love birthdays so we celebrated twice.

First my favorite, a sweet n’ special birthday breakfast. I remember how special I felt on the mornings of my birthday’s as a child.  My Mom always made my day so special it wasn’t ever extravagant especially as my birthday was just a few days before Christmas but always special. I love doing the same for my little crew. I fished out all the leftover party decorations from parties past and plopped them down on the table. I commissioned Scot to hang some pink streamers in the dinning room and surprised her with a morning danish. So simple and so perfect. I think their favorite part was that I let them blow all the milk bubbles they wanted out of some fancy paper straws… because when you’re 5 you need to let lose! I will never forget that perfect warm morning light on her special 5th birthday.

Wisconsin Wedding Lifestyle Photography ~ KJP_0146.jpg
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This little guy slept through the whole morning party… he is more of a party all night kinda guy.
Wisconsin Wedding Lifestyle Photography ~ KJP_0148.jpg

On the following Saturday, we celebrated at Storybook Ballet in Hillsdale Mall. The sweetest ballet studio in Madison! She invited a few girls from her class and danced The Little Mermaid. It was divine, and oh so sweet. Special props to Bloom Bake Shop for the cake and cookies!! I may have save a cookie for myself to eat after the kids went to sleep…
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