Finding Balance While Working From Home

Finding Balance as a Work From Home Photographer

The school year is coming to a close and the girls will be home full-time in just a bit more than a week. As a stay-at-home mom + lifestyle photographer with busy summer & fall seasons, having all of my kids home can be a bit overwhelming, ecspecially when it’s time to hit editing deadlines. It is a tricky juggling act keeping 4 little kids fed, clothed, and happy day in and day out.  Then add in photographing a wedding each weekend, lifestyle sessions during the week, emails and edits and you can bet your butt I’m pretty darn exhausted come November. Finding balance while juggling all of these hats I put on is really hard work.

I’ve been a photographer longer than I’ve been a parent and it has been a slow and steady learning curve for me. I’ve learned to prioritize my family life…mostly through trial and lots of error.  For example, I don’t work on Friday nights. I don’t meet new clients, I try really hard not to schedule shoots, I try to prioritize my weekly morning mom group… I try to just be a mom + wife on Fridays. That’s our family time… we love having a campfire and making s’mores + we let the kids stay up late and watch Netflix.

This year… this year has been nuts. I am going to always remember how much we were hustling this year. My boys have had to hop in the car right at the start of nap time in the middle of the day to drop Mary off to school then hurry home after a quick recess time with the big kids because… well… I dare you to get Gus in the car when he is super tired and all the other kids are playing and having fun… Then after a fight to settle down and take a rest I wake them up early and pick up the girls at the end of the school day. Basically making it impossible to get anything accomplished. I’ve worked into the early morning hours meeting deadlines more nights than I care to count… but on Friday’s I let myself surf Pinterest to my hearts content!

It was not an easy year for me. My list of things to do is always about 4 pages long, and I rarely made it off page 1 most days. I’m working on finding a better mom/photographer balance.  I think all of us have to work really hard to set boundaries in both of those worlds.

Me and the boys spent most afternoons snuggled up in my big bed… I’d wait patiently for them to drift off and sneak over and do a few emails or edits or eat some chocolate I didn’t want to share. This year has gone by so darn fast. Every mom says that, but it’s true. I’m so excited for my girls to be home this summer, having them home adds so much fun to the day. I will work on finding my balance this wedding season… I’ve already scheduled the best nanny ever and plan to have some farm days planned.

Wisconsin Wedding Lifestyle Photography ~ KJP_0074.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Lifestyle Photography ~ KJP_0075.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Lifestyle Photography ~ KJP_0076.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Lifestyle Photography ~ KJP_0077.jpg

What about you? Are you working on finding your work/mom balance? Have any tricks or tips??

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