In honor of my Mom ~ A lifestyle session give away!

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My wild, adventurous, carefree, spirited, full of life Mom has been gone for 9 years.

9 years.
36 seasons
4 children
1 home sold
1 home bought
1 college degree
countless moments … countless sleeps… countless tears… countless smiles… countless bursts of laughter…

Me, Mom and Greta
Me, Mom and Greta

A lot happens in 9 years whether you want it too or not. I was 26 years old when she died. Scot and I were married one year and one month. Photography was a simple hobby back then. We were child-free and staring down the barrel of becoming grown-ups.

It was hard to imagine then all that I would do without my Mom. That life would somehow move forward without her. It was easy to anticipate the sadness of the big moments without her. The moments like telling her she is going to be a grandparent or my photography portfolio night when I graduated from college. Gosh, did those moments suck, but it was the small moments that snuck up on me and really cut me deep.

I will never forget the first time I went shopping for maternity clothes. It was so exciting to be at that place in my life. I had navigated the world in a dark cloud of grief for a year and a half, and was so thankful to have something to look forward to… something joyful & happy. I had Scot drop me off at the door of the outlet mall while he did some work in the car. I walked in like any first time expectant Mother ready to show off my growing baby belly. As I looked around I started noticing the store had, what seemed like, 10 mother/daughter duo’s smiling and planning with excitement together. I instantly felt the sting of my own Mother not there with me, not happily buying me my brand new wardrobe like the sweet girl in front of me in the checkout line. I came back out to the car with one shirt and tear filled eyes. I did the rest of my maternity shopping online unwilling to pour salt on the wound again.

It has been so hard in the small moments, when my children have been sick or better yet when I have been sick. It’s hard not to have her to text with when the kids are driving me crazy… or tell her the silly bits they come up with. I can’t imagine what life would have been like if she was on Facebook or had a smart phone! I know we would have argued a ton about my parenting choices. She would have LOST.HER.MIND when I told her were were having our babies at home and not in the hospital! I know we would have locked horns more times than I could possibly entertain.

I think missing so many of those small moments with my own Mom has given me this HUGE passion for lifestyle photography. I am keenly aware just how treasured those small, uneventful bits of life are and how truly fragile and sacred our shared time together can be. I’d give just about anything to have one more campfire with my Mom, watch her take my kids on a nature walk around the yard, or get a simple notification on my phone that she ‘liked’ one of my silly instagram photos.

So in honor of my amazing Mom, who missed out on so much, I would love to give a special lifestyle session to honor the Mother figure in your life. It can be for ANY special person in your life who has filled that motherly space.

I will come to you at the location of your choice in the greater Madison area and photograph you all during one of your most treasured small moments!

What is your favorite small moment?

hitting up the soccer field to watch your kids game from the sidelines
planting the spring veggie garden together
maybe its a trip to the favorite local park
or snuggles in front of your current Netflix obsession with a big bowl of popcorn
whatever it is that you love to do together I want to help you save those magical moments forever.

To Enter Complete the Following:

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Winner will be announced Sunday, May 1 2016 on INSTAGRAM. Follow @karlyjophoto!



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  • All the tears. I know exactly what you mean. I have missed all the small moments too. It sucks. This is such an amazing way to honor her, Karly.