Frequently Asked Questions

Madison Wedding Photography Questions!!

What is your style of photography?
First and foremost, I am a visual storyteller but my photography consists of a combination of styles, as the different parts of your day require a varying approach. I consider myself to be primarily a photojournalist.  I’m capturing things in the moment, as they unfold, to tell the story of your day. Traditional portraiture is also essential, as formal & artistic portraits are a wonderful tradition which help tell the story of your family through the years.
Do you travel?
 Heck, Yes!
Do you take formal portraits and how much time do you recommend we set aside for them?
The formal portrait session generally takes place in several stages. Family portraits are kept slightly more traditional, while the bridal party and Bride and Groom portraits are usually a bit more casual and contemporary. The portrait session is one of the most essential elements of your photography, so the more time which can be put aside, the more freedom we’ll have to visit multiple locations and keep it fun and creative. The key is not to rush this stage so that you don’t feel any added stress, as being more relaxed will translate into better images. I’d love help plan out a perfect timeline for your portrait session that will fit best with your wedding day.
How many photographs will I get and when will they be finished?
Each wedding day is unique with different timelines and flow but on average, an 8 hour wedding day will come away with about 700 images edited in the fashion you see on my website. I am an admitted perfectionist when it comes to editing my wedding stories, it’s a p r o c e s s  and I really only allow my BEST work to walk out my door for each of my couples… most stories take about 2 months from the event date to be completely finished.
What kind of equipment do you use?
I use a Nikon D700 & a Nikon D800. I adore shooting with my prime lens collection, my 50mm is my favorite but I also bring along a few zoom lens options as well.  I have high powered flashs for fun reception shots and always have back ups on hand. I’m also welcoming my brand new Fuji TX2 to my stash of wedding photography cameras, it is quickly becoming my favorite!
Will I have the rights to the photos?
Yes, I will extend you a personal use copyright for your images and you can print your images all ya like.
Do you have liability insurance?
I sure do.
Do you offer engagement session?
I pretty much twist your arm to get you in front of my camera before the ‘main event’. It is the best time to get to know you as a couple and how you connect together without all the pressure of your wedding day.  It is a great way to collaborate together to get your photo story started.  Plus, I find that my couples really are able to relax and be themselves on their wedding day with me if they did the engagement session.
How many weddings do you book a year & when should I book with you?
I am only able to photograph 10-15 couples each year.  My focus is to work with couples who can connect with my style so I can devote my best to them.  I book up each year and it breaks my heart to turn people away so book fast!
How long have you been photographing weddings?
I earned my degree in photography 2011 but was both lead shooting and second shooting weddings since 2008.  Before that I was a hobby photographer learning from my Dad who learned from my Grandfather.  I guess I was born to do this.
What if you can’t make my wedding day?
I’ve got this all worked out, so don’t worry! I have an amazing network of photographers I can call on if by some act of nature I can’t make it. A wedding photographer with an extensive network will always save the day.
Be sure to check out my wedding gallery! If you have any more questions I’d love to hear from you too, contact me soon.

Family Photography Questions!!

What is your approach to family photos?

Do you have little ones who HATE posing for photos? Me too!! Be it a full Lifestyle Session or a Mini-Session, I want to document the real you. Your kids being themselves and the unique connection of your family vibe. I try to encourage joy, while also getting great traditional poses sprinkled in all the fun.

What about a Lifestyle Session?

Think back to your childhood and the images you have. My favorite photos from my past are the ones with clues in the background. The way our living room looked next to the family Christmas tree and me in my favorite t-shirt in third grade. Those photo’s really bring me back to the moment. I want to come in and help capture this moment in time for you & your family. I’ll give you images that will be filled with connection and your REAL LIFE. Let’s come together and figure out the story you need to tell or moments you need to remember. What about kids marching around the living room in their most favorite t-shirt? You know, the one you have to wash every third day while they sleep because it just isn’t worth the fight. One day your living room floor will be free of toys, and the much loved t-shirt will be long gone but the images we create will last a lifetime. In short I’m a visual storyteller.

My Mini-Sessions are Super Popular Too!

Want something fun and beautiful… a way for everyone to get in front of the camera… even Mom! Yep, I mini-session might be the perfect option.

Contact me, I’d love to tell your story. Do check out my blog for my most current work! Hey are you on Instagram!!