Packer Fan Couples Session – Stoughton WI

Lexie & Audra came down for an amazing couples session in Stoughton. While the light was moody and broody… they were full of life. I loved capturing their connection and joy together. Couples, you don’t need a reason to take photos together… DO IT! Thank you so much for letting me capture this moment for you both!

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6852.jpg

Me: Ok show my your celebration when the Packers win…

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6853.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6854.jpg

If you know Lexie… It can’t every be a simple celebration… Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6855.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6856.jpg

Audra.. you get 10 gold stars…
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6857.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6841.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6842.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6845.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6844.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6843.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6835.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6834.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6836.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6837.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6838.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6839.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6840.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6851.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6848.jpgWisconsin Wedding Photographer_6849.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6850.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6846.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_6847.jpg

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