Sunday Best – A Tribute to Family & A Personal Project for Peace

I know I am not alone in feeling helpless when I turn on the news or scroll through my social media feeds. So much sorrow, so much negativity, so much division. These grand global issues can often create an intense paralyzing feeling, a feeling we all relate too when faced with seemingly unsolvable problems. During the past six months all across our nation a growing divide has crept up. I’ve felt it even among great friends. I thought to myself, how can I a mother of 4, with my overwhelming day to day life… How can I help? How can I bring peace? How can I serve others and foster healing?

After lots of prayer and seeking, I finally felt a tiny calling in my heart. An idea. An idea that kept knocking on my door until I had to take action. It is easy to ask God for answers but when He shows up with the solution… sometimes I’m not so ready to listen!

I am a busy Mom and my photography work also keeps my nights and weekends very scheduled. But… THIS IS IT! I can help, I can serve! I can use my gift of photojournalism to bring light to love of the family. Family is where love, tolerance, patience and acceptance is first cultivated and taught.

Saint Pope John Paul II told us:

“As the family goes, so goes the nation and the whole world in which we live.”

This messages speaks to me as a Mother in the thick of the mundane family grind of life. Truthfully, my wondering spirit longs to be on the front lines scooping up refugee kids and helping to solve problems immediately for mothers and families in need all around the world. But here I am, doing important work in my family & for my family.

Mother Teresa, so wise to remind us all:

“What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.” 

Sunday Best – A Personal Project

So here I am, inspired to help, inspired to share my gift of photojournalism to promote LOVE, HOPE + FAMILY. I am on a journey to learn from other families about their Sunday life and tradition. Sunday’s are a day of worship, rest, rejuvenation, friendship and family.

My family does our very best to attend Mass each Sunday together. It is a struggle with little ones who really don’t want to spend the morning quietly sitting in a pew. I’ve been so encouraged by other families as a Mother of little ones when I see their squirming children also flipping the kneelers up and down across the isle.

Some Sunday’s when we attend Mass at St.Ann’s Parish, we let the kids run out some energy in the school gym before we take our seats.

Catholic Family at Church

Catholic Family Before Church

I don’t know how often I will feature a family but this project is not going away. I encourage all of you to follow along on this journey. Know that the small work we all do to serve in our own community and family is great and important. Do not be discouraged.

This up coming Sunday as my family celebrates the First Holy Communion of my oldest daughter, the Zimmerman Family will be featured here, my first Sunday Best featured family.


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