This Party of Six is headed to Disney!

After almost 7 years parenting this wild crew there have been many, MANY moments where I have done those things I once swore I’d never do.

You know, like the time I swore I’d never let my kids watch more than 30 minutes of television each day.  And the television they watched would be educational and possibly in a second language. Ehem… my babysitter … errr TV is like the best thing to happen to my life especially as a stay-at-home-momma & full-time photographer!  When my kids want to watch three hours of Netflix while I crank out edits from my last wedding, my photographer heart skips a beat! The day I taught my 4 year old how to work the remote was the day my work flow increased drastically. In fact, I think I might suggest my brides should start sending out ‘thank you’ notes to Netflix so their photographer could get their wedding photo’s finished! (I’m kidding. but not really)

Oh and the time I said I’d never buy my kids McDonalds.  Listen y’all, I’m from a small town in the midwest and Momma needs her drive up coffee fix sometimes.  When I’m pulling 3am edit sessions I’m looking to main line a bit of caffeine when #4 is up at 6 am. Let me tell you that hauling all four kids into any coffee shop solo ANYTIME let alone on 3 hours of sleep is just not what the world needs from me and my crew. My oldest used to call it the french fry store.

I could go on and on and on. There are oh so many cringe worthy things I’ve said in the past that have started with “I won’t…” or “I never…” and, let’s be honest, I’m sure there will be many more to come.

The latest to add to the list, ‘times karly sticks her foot in her mouth‘ is the YEARS I’ve spent proclaiming I had no interest in taking my kids to Disney. Ever.  And yet here I am, one margarita in and staring at the ONE empty suitcase I need to pack for my crazy party of six to head to the sunshine state.

I guess I better get my tail in gear… I have to fit everything this party of six needs in ONE checked bag.  I guess we will all be wearing the same clothes for a week.

I think this is a job only another margarita can solve.

Wisconsin Wedding Photography Janesville~ KJP_0046.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photography Janesville~ KJP_0047.jpgGood thing they are cute!

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