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I can’t tell you how honored I am to have the chance to photograph families in their homes. When Samantha emailed me asking to book a newborn session, I knew I would be right at home when she told me about her family. Two boys, Christopher – 3 and Jack – 2. Yep, I know all about that kind of wild boy combo!  When she emailed me the day before our photoshoot telling me Chris had fallen and had a black and blue nose while monkeying around in the tub, I knew I had better bring my A game for this ball of energy! I am so glad to have met them in their space. I played with all their toys and learned all about Jacks love of yogurt.

This family is amazing, and Samantha and I chatted all about managing life with three very young children underfoot. She mentioned how grateful she was that Madison is a baby who likes her sleep (so far) allowing her a chance to keep up with her sweet boys.

They also have a puppy named Cisco. I couldn’t help but notice the funny doormat when I arrived and enjoyed photographing him too.  His inner monologue made me giggle when he made faces like this…

Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0164.jpg
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Samantha took a few moments to nurse Madison and of course the boys weren’t far behind. Madison is so loved by her brothers and is going to have so much fun keeping up with them in just a few short months.
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0169.jpg
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Madison was starting to fuss a bit and Dad came up, like a seasoned pro, and calmed her to sleep in no time. I love the look of gratitude Samantha has on her face as Ryan put Madison to sleep.
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0174.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0176.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0175.jpg
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Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0179.jpg
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Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0178.jpg

Cisco was never far way.
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0181.jpg
Jack … a fresh new middle child.
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0182.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0183.jpg
Christopher crawled up on his Samantha’s lap and asked if he was her baby too… Oh sweet Chris… Forever and Ever.
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0191.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0184.jpg
I love this image so much, even if Jack’s head flew out of frame! The energy is palpable and the look on Samantha’s face is filled with contentment… although, I can’t tell if Cisco is blinking out a help message through the window. I’m pretty sure our dog has similar feelings. ;p
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0185.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0186.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0187.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0189.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0190.jpg
Then we headed outside to soak in the sun. Even Cisco decided to join in on the crazy.  If ya can’t beat’em might as well join them is my motto too.
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0192.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0193.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0194.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0195.jpg
Wisconsin Wedding Photographer_0196.jpg

Do you know of a family in need of some new family photos or maybe a momma looking to document those first days with a new baby? Email me, I’d love to be a part of it!

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